"Changing our future – One child at a time"
Founder/Executive Director

Donovan R. Quary, Sr.

Called to SERVE.  Empowered to Make A Difference!            

Donovan Quary is the Founder and Executive Director of Make A Difference Foundation, Inc.(MADF).  Donovan believes every adult has an inherent responsibility to help educate and nurture our youth.  He was inspired to establish MADF after hearing the story of a Florida teenager who shot and killed his teacher, then killed himself. Not yet a parent himself at the time, Donovan realized that he could no longer ignore our children’s cry for help and guidance.  

Donovan is no stranger to service.  After high school he attended the University of Georgia where he studied computer science; however, eager to explore the world and serve his country, he decided to leave the University after only two years to enlist in the United States Navy during Operation Desert Storm.  While stationed in San Diego, Donovan served his country respectfully and honorably for four years in many capacities… attached to the Helicopter Squadron 45 at Naval Air Station North Island, Airborne Early Warning E-2C Squadron VAW-1116 at Naval Air Station Miramar, and aboard the aircraft carrier USS Constellation CV-64.  Upon his return to Georgia, he continued his military service in the United States Naval Reserve.      

Ironically, it was through his work with MADF that Donovan ultimately understood God’s purpose for his life was to “serve” others.  And since MADF’s inception in 2003, he has passionately dedicated his time and efforts to ensure all youth have an equal opportunity to succeed at achieving their dreams.  He further increases his community outreach as a member of J.C. McKibbon Lodge No. 3 of Ancient York Masons in Atlanta, Georgia.  Long after his honorable discharge from the military, you can say Donovan is still serving. 

He lives in Georgia with his wife Sharon and son DJ.  Donovan is originally from Lakeland, Florida.