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Make A Difference Foundation, Inc. (MADF) is pleased to offer contributions through the donation of advertising space, grants and services as part of our commitment to the communities we serve.  We support many groups as it pertains to our youth including educational, social service, civic, health and environmental organizations.  The completed application must be submitted 60 days prior to the event or within 10 days prior to your special need.  To ensure all requests are in compliance with the Foundation's established guidelines, submissions are carefully reviewed by our Review Board.  The Board of Directors for MADF must approve all sponsorships.

Please download the Sponsorship Request Form by clicking on the "Request Sponsorship Today" tab... complete and submit by mail:  MADF, Inc., c/o Sponsorships, PO Box 1941, Suwanee, Georgia 30024 or by e-mail at inquiries@madf.org.  If you cannot answer a question, please type "N/A or None".  Note:  Incomplete forms will not be accepted or submitted for recommendation.  Notification of request approval or disapproval will be made in writing within thirty (30) business days upon receipt of all required documents.

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