"Changing our future – One child at a time"
Charlotte Lemons - Make a Difference Scholarship

Charlotte Lemons - "Made A Difference with a Smile" (1959-2004)

Often times foundations and scholarships are dedicated to the legacy of  world re-known persons.  However, with the plight of the world today, there is a greater need for more "hometown" heros and the late Charlotte Lemons is one of them.

With her warm smile and caring heart, Charlotte impacted the lives of many individuals on all socio-economic levels.  She worked in various professions and never hesitated to give what she had to others.  A former employer stated that Charlotte often brought food from her home to feed the less fortunate people who lingered near her office.  She also gave them money and asked her employer to give these same individuals general work for the day and pay them. 

Although Charlotte was a member of a large family, she did not bear any children, therefore, this scholarship has been named in her memory and serves as a reminder to all about the importance of "making a difference" within our community.  This scholarship will support the education of our future leaders, who will "make a difference" within their local community and the world at large.